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The first time that I sparked up, the heavens opened. Angels welcomed me into a majestic flower-filled room, requesting that I take my spades partner pick. My choices, either Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus himself. It felt like everything.

From that primary pull, I knew that there was something special about the parsley-like buds that I toted in a university dorm room.  This plant has power. The anxiety I’ve always known was finally relieved, the appetite I never had suddenly showed up, and I found confidence and hope that I never believed could exist.

While my new aromatic buddy untethered creativeness in me that led to a career in editorial, I didn’t embrace the actual benefits of canna until I turned 21 for the tenth time. Although my face recently turned 19, I believe that it’s never too late to share not only the recreational aspects in media and pop culture but to inform you of the holistic benefits cannabis has to offer. From aiding in focus with ADHD to relieving eczema, there’s a strain for that. Don’t worry; you don’t have to read through the years of journaled research when it comes to trusted cannabis brands, reliable products, cannapreneurial endeavors, and lit events. Let Canna Culture Connect roll you up. We promise it will hit.

Sarah Parker Michel

Founder CannaCultureConnect

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