Nearly a Dozen NYPD Cops Violently Stomp Out Young Black Man for Smoking a Spliff

This shit is tiring.

Twitter video taken by @TheVelvetRope__ shows Fitzroy Gale being attacked by police

It took damn near a dozen officers to take down a super intimidating-looking young boy who was seen smoking what could’ve been a roach at that point. Tuh, ridiculous.

Twitter was for sure triggered today when a viral video taken in Canarsie, Brooklyn showed many officers from the 69th precinct violently arresting 20-year-old Fitzroy Gayle for smoking a “marijuana cigarette” after the park closed at 9 PM.


Three problems: 1. No one calls it that anymore. 2. In 2018, Mayor De Blasio made such minor offenses punishable by a mere fine and 3. The video was taken before 8 even struck, according the bystander named Velvet who shot it.


Confused by the same thing, you can hear the young man say at the beginning at the video, “I didn’t commit any crime. What crime did I commit? Tell me.” The plainclothes officer holds the young man up against the gate, as Gayle repeatedly asks “What’s the problem?” As he tries to figure out what he’s being detained for, the officer gets loud, threatening him with excessive force. About a minute later, a gang of officers arrive, jumping on the young man up and stomping him out without articulating any reason.


This occurred at the 100Cloccs playground on Glenwood Road.

According to the Daily News, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said the video had some “disturbing points,” adding “I’m going to look for an investigation,” after witnessing an officer stomp on Gayle’s ankle. Shea also said,

“The other male was also apprehended and issued a summons. Certainly if you look at the totality of the incident, there are two very separate outcomes. But I would like to have seen a third outcome. I would have liked to see an approach, discussion, no running, no physical resistance at all and no arrest needed.”

Commissioner Dermont Shea

Gayle was charged with possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, and obstructing government administration– whatever that means. He’s due to appear in court at a later date.

Brooklyn Borough President and former NYPD cop, Eric Adams condemned the event, stating that “every officer involved should be placed on modified assignment pending the outcome of a thorough investigation.”

It’s for incidents like these we lobby and advocate for rights of those most affected by the War on Drugs. When Mayor De Blasio called for fair legislation that promotes equality and opportunity for all, he said he supported this because “We’ve developed a path forward that will make our city fairer.” Well, what’s fair about this? No one deserves to be thrown on the ground by several adults, assaulted and harassed for less than a gram.

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