A Terpene That Doubles as a Cannabinoid? There’s Levels to Caryophyllene– Including Curbing Alcohol Cravings

No cross-fading on these sides!

Any and everyone who cooks or eats food have had their run in with double-agent caryophyllene. This terpene has a unique duality as it also acts as a cannabinoid, a gamechanger in attacking all things inflammatory.

Also known as beta-caryophyllene or BCP, the unique profile of this terpene more so takes on the characteristics of an alpha. It’s found in cloves, black pepper, oregano, basil– basically every spice in a decent cook’s cabinet.

Its versatility allows it to bind to CB2 receptors–found mainly in our peripheral organs– making it the only aromatic oil that acts as a cannabinoid. It’s a heavy weight so much so it’s referred to as a sesquiterpene, a fancy of way of saying it delivers oxygen to cells. Molecular size on massive, rendering it authority to treat anxiety, depression, inflammation, and the power to reduce alcohol cravings. Sweet! Due to it’s ability to bind with these receptors, it prohibits psychotropic activity, otherwise known as anything that messes with your perception, mood, cognition, behavior. Trust, you won’t be looking’ different in these streets.

With caryophyllene, you don’t have to worry about all that. Like the boss it is, it carries a strong musk, kinda funky with it. It’s the type of smell that has you bragging on Twitter about having that GAS. Diesel and fuel-like in it’s profile, this terpene is found in GSC, Chemdog, Candyland, Deathstar, Gelato, and Original Glue– to name very few. Also, the Cookies fam is FULL of cyphollene, naturally.

Depending on what you consume, there’s a high chance this terpennabinoid is combating stress in your favor so puff on, good people.

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