This Newly Discovered Cannabinoid May Be Stronger Than THC

Holy high!

A group of Italian scientists discovered two new cannabinoids that we don’t know much about because America doesn’t believe in cannabis research. Only that one of them may be more than 30 times stronger than THC. Now hold on, we’re about to get a little science-y.

Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol otherwise known as THCP, and cannabidiphorol (CBDP) are the latest phytocannabinoids to be discovered, both similar to THC and CBD respectfully in function. Just peep the names!

So far in science, naturally occurring cannabinoids with more than 5 links is uncommon and it only takes one with 3 links to bind to the body’s C1 receptors.

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As you can see above, this phytocannabinoid has a seven-term alkyl side-chain which is much longer compared to THC, and said to have an even stronger relationship to the CB1 receptor, which regulates our brains. How much stronger? After checking the binding ability of THCP against CB1 and CB2 receptors, scientists found that THCP was 33 times more active than THC on the CB1 receptor and 5-10 times more active on the CB2 receptor.

For CBDP, it too has seven links on the side, but scientists are dragging their feet with the research as regular CBD with its 5 links doesn’t really bind too well with our receptors. Plainly speaking, it has no psychoactive effects.

So what does this newly discovered cannabinoid mean for your weeds?

For one, THCP may be the real reason marijuana provides psychotropic effects in the first place. Through looking at THCP (in an in vitro experiment with cultured cells on mice) scientists determined that it would act like THC in humans – only stronger. Even at a lower does, researchers concluded that THCP is much more vigorous.

However, that may not be better. In speaking on the study, Dr. Cecilia J. Hillard of the Medical College of Wisconsin said that the ‘spice’ compounds are very strong activators of the CB1 receptors, and could cause addiction. That’s her opinion. We need the funds to figure it out for sure.

So, does TCHP get you more high than regular ol’ THC? We don’t have the resources to truly know. Hopefully that changes soon so labs can get to work!

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  1. I have a feeling this next new generation of weed is not going to be good and it will no longer be the same innocent weed as it once was. The weed today is already extremely strong 10 Folds from the 80s. We have no data on the long-term effects of this drug and what it will do to our brains. Yet, I bet a far majority of people in the spite of the moment will volunteer as test dummies.


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