Meet High Herstory: The All Womxn Comedy + Smoking Series Coming To Streaming Platforms

It will be a happy 4/20 indeed.

The women responsible for a massive Bong Song billboard in illegal market NY have a series coming to streaming platforms in the upcoming months. Say hello to Annette Mia Flores, Jenny Joslin, and Kendall Watkins – owners of a boutique production company called Mercury Road Media, who prefer buds over booze. That billboard is only the beginning of the barriers they’ll break.

Annette Mia Flores, Jenny Joslin, and Kendall Watkins, founders of Mercury Road Media.

High Herstory is more than just a series with a high regard for heroines of our past, but a space where women of all walks of life have an opportunity to share meaningful, stigma-changing stories about women history didn’t care to talk much about. Each episode features prominent women from the past. Think drunk history but with weeds and women. Here’s one of the founders telling the buried story of Alice Guy-Blaché, the first woman (and probably the only woman at that time) to direct a film. Thankfully, high! Her story is being told, with so much swag.

So, how did three women come together and decide to get blazed while retelling stories? High Herstory was dope enough to sit down with Canna Culture Connect to discuss their series coming to steaming platforms, what they’re doing to shift stats related to marginalized folks in media, and of course – how it all began.

Annette, who began toking in college to help with insomnia and anxiety, says that the founders came up with High HerHerstory because only “.04% of women’s history has been recorded.” Tragic. Not only did they recount these bomb stories of heroines, but the creative agency employs people while doing so, including animators and motion graphic designers for the first season. “Women make up 9% of the [media] industry,” Annette tells us. High Herstory is shifting that needle by employing women, and women of color on their sets – targeting a community of individuals who look like them. Creating opportunities for women isn’t their only initiative. The ladies also have a partnership with the Youth Empowerment Project in New Orleans – a city with the worst marijuana arrest rates. Their goal is to bring positive jobs into that community.

Creating a show centered around cannabis was not easy.

Weed being federally illegal (for now) has made this journey very difficult for the gworls. Travel ramped up a bit for the NYC/Portland based company to shoot in legal jurisdictions, and it doesn’t help that New York has many legislations. Still, since their inception in 2017, High Herstory continues to grow with an intention on hiring people of color, women, and gender non-conforming individuals.

The series will be available for viewing Social Club TV, which if you haven’t heard of them, they are currently the largest cannabis lifestyle connected TV network. We’re talking direct distribution on AppleTV, Roku, AndroidTV, Amazon Fire, Samsung+ – basically, you have no excuse to miss this show. Seriously, the series will even stream to PlayStations. Shooting for season two is underway this year, featuring even more stories of heroines along with women trailblazers in the industry.

The nine episode season of High Herstory will premiere on 4/20, literally on almost any platform with a screen.

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