Specialty Stogies are Taking a Backseat To This Hemp-Infused Cigar-Like Preroll Called Cannhiba

Gotta sing Hustler’s Musik like “chillen like Scarface, light the Cannhiba,” now.

A delta-8, hemp-wrapped cigar is currently on the market, and it’s pretty fancy.

Photo by Cannhiba

Cannhiba is a luxurious 3.5 grams of premium delta flower, equipped with a reusable glass tip for the ultimate smoker experience. More than that, this cannabis spin on the classic Cohiba was curated with the intention of letting other Black and brown folks know that even at the country club, they can spark up too, without judgy eyes from tobacco-smoking members.

On a sunny afternoon in Dumbo, CannaCultureConnect met with its CEO, Christopher Lee, and his team at their offices to see this hemp roll in person. Chris, who’s also the owner of Moving Keyz Realty, a residential and commercial real estate firm, wraps up a call that sounded like it went pretty well. The polo-shirt-wearing distinguished gentleman politely apologizes for the delayed introduction and offers an official welcome to the space. Between his rapport, the hemp-infused cigars, and an office mini-golf set up, my first reaction: “It’s giving country club,” to which Chris replies, “That’s the vibe.”

Photo by Cannhiba

According to Chris, Cannhiba was birthed from a love for yachts. “A bunch of our boat friends would come up to us offering cigars,” as part of the social rules for that setting. Uncomfortable with inhaling blended tobacco but not wanting to be the only people on the yacht smoking weed, Chris curated a compromise. “I really don’t feel great smoking cigars because of tobacco and I don’t want to be the dude selling weed so I thought it would be dope if I could create a CBD cigar, a cigar that’s very light.” Chris got to work and started to search for the perfect balance between discretion and relaxation. Chris continued, “I never really tried CBD for therapeutic purposes [before that point] but I do realize that pain relief is one of the effects for me. “

It’s no secret that cigar smoking is associated with an increased risk for cancers of the lung, esophagus, larynx, and oral cavity, according to the CDC. You don’t have to worry about foreign agents with a cannabinoid-filled Cannhiba. An extensive lab report shared on their website shows this premium preroll contains 13.92% CBD and .15% THC, just enough delta-9 to make you feel good without the lethargy that comes from some THC-dominant strains. The delta-8 is sourced from Vermont, Oregon, and California, courtesy of Chris’ farmer friends.

Among the flavors available are Gold Pineapple, Lemon Runtz, BlackBerry, and what I tried, Gas Berry. Upon first pull, my immediate reaction was “Whoa, this is smooth,” as I began rapidly sniffing around. It didn’t smell like I was smoking weed nor was the space engulfed with the smell of a poker game at a whiskey bar in the city. It was surprisingly discreet and looked pretty damn good in my hand. I, too, almost put on a polo shirt. The best part? One or two pulls does the trick, so the same preroll lasts for a pretty little minute. Thanks to the protective case it comes in, the moisture preserves the Cannhiba to last as long as you keep it in it.

Cannhiba is 10x infused “so it gives you a little more than a delta-9 feeling,” says Chris. If you order on the site, a four-pack would be sent to you. Coming soon, Chris plans to open registration for a membership subscription program, “If you are a monthly member, you would be shipped a humidor full of Cannhiba every month and you’d get the merch, including cigar cutters.” That way, you stay fully stocked.

In addition to the club he’s a part of, Chris and his partner Gabriel Longchamp chartered a second yacht and created their own community called Brooklyn Cove Yacht Club. “We manage 3 yachts in Mill Basin and have a Black-owned marina, but we’re not excluding anyone at all,” Chris reassures. “We figured boats are cool but it’s so few and far between for the people who own them but a lot of people love golf, so that’s pretty much my target market.” For those who always wanted to join a country club but never felt included in those communities, Chris stressed, “It’s open to everyone. It’s just dope to see that it’s possible.”

Courtesy of @brooklyn_cove_yacht_club/IG

If there’s one thing Chris is great at, it’s business. A part of his real estate company is putting others on to game. Growing up in Downtown, Brooklyn in the projects, Chris always embodied a hustler’s spirit. His sneakerhead status and weed selling inspired him to open his first store called Pounds because, obvious.  “When I was 19 and smoked weed it was only hydro and regular weed at the time. It was called crippy. I don’t think I got high the first time but the second time I noticed. I just saw it as another opportunity for me.” Even with his mother working for the federal government as an inventory specialist, Chris foresaw the market and was willing to take a risk.

“I went to the University of Central Florida, I put myself through college, and I created a store where I wanted to sell weed out of the store but I couldn’t so I sold sneakers which was my second love.”

Chris also created SoleCon and SoleTotes, a convenient bag to carry multiple sneaker boxes.

Now, as the owner of Moving Keyz Realty who witnessed the development of new properties in the very neighborhood he grew up in, Chris says, “I saw the transition and I wanted to be a part of it. [MKR] is built on education. We do 1-2 real estate seminars a month.

I was blessed with so many blessings from the Most High that I am able to help other people out.”

Chris also runs Lee Real Estate Group, a property management firm, and Live Large EDU, where Gabe and Chris offer classes. Finally, Chris has an NFT company called the Commission. Here, Chris wears another hat “dadager” for his daughter, teaching her to turn her art into nonfungible tokens, while creating a community for her. You may even see a token for their yacht club on the market soon.

“I definitely see Cannhiba as a household name when it comes to a safer alternative to tobacco,” Chris says. Hopefully, we’ll see Cannhiba on the PGA tour soon, saving the nostrils and lungs of attendees everywhere from the second-hand smoke.

If Chris does go back to di herb, he’s a Sour Diesel dude. “Grandaddy purp when I’m in California,” he says, adding “but Sour Diesel came out and it was ‘Oh, shit it gets better than this?’ I feel like Sour Diesel always gets the job done. Like, you can smoke haze all day and not feel high anymore but there’s something about Sour Diesel.” For the most part, though, he’s true to Cannhiba and prefers a brand he can trust above all else, his.

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