5 Courtesies Every Friend of a Smoker Could Show

*inhales, exhales* 2020 has caused many of us to light up more frequently than we’re used to. Some folks even began dabbling in the plant they once damned others for consuming. As the stigma around cannabis diminishes each day, more and more people are unapologetically seeking its therapeutic value. With social distancing making events more […]

Want to Make Your Own Edibles At Home? Herbalist Keena Moffett Has a Whole Cookbook Out to Teach You How

And if you have a Kindle, it’s for the free. Ain’t Black women AMAZING? From making your own cannabutter to being fully-baked from some extra gooey chocolate chip cookies, Canna-chef and founder of alternative and holistic health service Sovereign Harvest, Keena Moffett shared her secrets in a cute 28-page cooked book available to follow along […]

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