The Anti-Doping Agency Already Knows How Ridiculous Sha’Carri Richardson’s Suspension Is

And yet they did it anyway. A shame. Sha’Carri Richardson recently ran into the hearts of Americans everywhere, particularly Black women, thanks to her slayed hair, Flo-Jo-style nails, and “I got this” attitude that resonates with so many others. Now the gold medal-favorite in the Women’s 100, who clocked at 10.86 seconds, may potentially miss […]

Your Help Is Needed In Getting The Clean Slate Act Passed

We only have until June 10th to make this happen! Democratic lawmakers and advocates are pushing for a Clean Slate, the Senate bill relating to the expungement of certain convictions. Your help is needed in getting this bill over the finish line. Under this legislation, a new process will be created which would automatically seal […]

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