Strain Of the Week: Do Si Gelato

Do Si Gelato

On a Thursday morning in West Hempstead, the lyrics of “Where You At?” by The God MC DJ are resounding from the speakers with the aromatic vapors of Dos Si Dos lingering in the air.

Like the Indica-dominant strain, the artist is also a cross of two personas, combined to provoke a euphoric feel through his artistry.  God MC DJ’s more fan-facing ego is Megafanstic, and he too is a Girl Scout Cookie monster. So it’s no wonder that the sweet yet earthy GSC cross was up in the air while I sat in studio watching him work on his latest project, SCICS.

For a midday quick spiffteen, the favorite grandchild of the cookie lineage subtly hits, hard enough to feel relaxed but gentle enough to keep handing your business. I must admit, when I first tasted the casually spicy notes, I coughed and dismissed that hit as mediocre as best. I was wrong, so wrong that after the sesh, I stared at this computer for a good five minutes, as my head bops synced with Mega’s self-produced beats. I felt young again. Granted, my face recently turned 24 but my Meg the Stallion knees haven’t been holding out like they used to. That joint pain is real but thankfully for me this Gelato cross do si do’d those aches up out of here. Even long after the encounter, the confident. In-the-zone feel carried on and I dropped low to “Big Ol’ Freak,”

If you’re a versatile creator, like my good friend The God MC DJ, then I’d highly recommend. Pun very much intended.

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