On The Revel Continues to Dominate 4/20 With “Dope People” Webinars

Get familiar!

The Dope People of On The Revel: Dawn Siciliani, Ryan Scott, Lulu Tsui, Jacobi Holland, Heather Carter, Peter Mercado

If you’ve ever wondered what New York cannabis looks like, make your way to an On The Revel event ASAP– well, at least virtually for now.

Established in the nation’s melting pot, On The Revel consistently educates aspiring cannapreneurs on the legal aspects one should know before entering the business. Through different showcases and events, this hashish-loving organization never misses in highlighting the latest cannabis technologies for a variety of fields from finance to software. And their functions are fun AF. Trust me, I know. Their Cannabis + Vaping event that took place Fall 2019 not only broke down the facts when it came to reported dangers…

…but had a host of speakers from credible multidisciplinary backgrounds and a load of sponsors with products you never knew you needed in your life. (Oh, hey Recess!)

As I said, fun AF. Past events include “Leaders in Cannabis + Brands,” “Cannabis + Licensing,” and “Cannabis + Careers.”

For three years strong, the On the Revel team have hosted a number of reputable folks in the industry, specifically women and professionals of color. When founders Jacobi Holland and Lulu Tsui decided to level up from the cannabis software startup scene, it made sense that they created a space where they can share their experiences from Colorado and Washington with canna-communities in New York. Can I get a “Yerrrrr?” Since creating this platform, OTR has connected all types of movers and shakers in the market with the eager minds seeking nuggets of knowledge.

4/20 was supposed to be a month filled with a smorgasbord of in-person events for cannabis enthusiasts. Clearly, God had other plans. However, this is still the Roaring Twenties. Since the stay-at-home order has been issued we cannot fellow-sesh in peace, but a little rona isn’t stopping this team. Pivoting much quicker than Ross from Friends, On The Revel created a weekly series called “Dope People,” where each Friday a bomb ass individual hosts a webinar on anything from fitness to finances. Truly valuable intel. This Friday (4/17) at 1 PM, workout a little with a former Super Bowl Champion Marvin Washington. Then stick around to learn how he went from the NFL to becoming a vanguard for medical marijuana.

On the Revel Dope People Webinar Series

See what On The Revel has Up Next and follow their Instagram for updates.

Just because you’re trapped in one spot for now, doesn’t mean you can’t make moves. Register here and learn something new. You’re welcome.

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