Mama Khalifa Goes Puff-to-Puff With Wiz on Instagram Live Like a G

I mean, she is the chief.

You know what they say, a family that smokes together jokes together. Wiz Khalifa and his momma are the definition of positive vibes.

Earlier this week the Taylor Gang general had a very special guest join his Instagram Live video to participate in the Kush Up Challenge, otherwise referred to as the 10 Puff Challenge. Wiz, along with Snoop, G Herbo, and Jim Jones were among those initially nominated by actor Gillie Da King.

Credit Twitter: @RapAllStars

The goal? Hit the spliff ten times back-to-back without letting any smoke or coughs out. Getting straight to it, Momma Khalifa better known as “Peachie” (Katie Wimbush-Polk) continuously takes pulls on pace with her baby boy. “Motha f—king right!”

After sending her off with loads of love, Wiz challenges other rappers to put their “weak ass lungs” to the test. “Bring it! ‘Cause my momma did it!”

And she’s been doing it! Back in 2017, the two even shared a spliff on stage.

Ahh, the support. The love. God bless them. Oh, and if you’re wondering about G Herbo, his lungs did not make it.

But the things Peachie did: THAT!

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