Dave Chappelle’s Reason For Smoking Weed Is Common To A Lot of Us

Dave Chappelle is among the recent stream of interviewees for the new season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, and naturally, cannabis joined the conversation.

For the third episode of Letterman’s series, the Emmy winner spoke on his comedic career, his sentiments on the current state of the nation and the question on everyones mind: How much weed does Dave smoke? Well, at age 46, Dave admits he doesn’t blow down as much as he used to, but he says

I have enormous amounts of anxiety just doing what I do– and it quelled it, for the most part. Nobody’s going to live an anxiety-free life, but it’s manageable.

When asked what the source of that anxiety could be, Dave responds, “I think that people take for granted the emotional wear and tear of doing this. And I think you have to preserve your openness.”

Truer words have never spoken.

Self-medicating is not uncommon. More and more people are turning to cannabis to treat generalized anxiety disorder also known as GAD. In a study found in the Journal of Affective Disorders, scientists published that cannabis significantly reduced feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. Low THC and high CBD cannabis was determined to be “best for reducing perceived symptoms of depression” and High THC and CBD flower worked best for stress.

For a man who’s been in the game since high school, the amount of stress associated with scripting and executing hilarious bits that drive people to think about issues beyond themselves would absolutely be taxing. As for as writing and performing those jokes, Dave doesn’t need weed for that. The half of him we see baked in films is the result of the genius he soberly concocted. For decades, a staple of Dave’s comedy is his realness and admitting to suffering from anxiety at his level of success adds evidence to why he’s the leader he doesn’t actively seek to be.

In his conversation with David, the savant also spoke on his intent to lead a spiritual life filled with meaning, hence why his last 26 shows meant so much. The two even visited The Well of Zamzam in Saudi Arabia, thanks to Dave’s connects, and drank from the inexhaustible well — a source of kindness in an open space. One of the most enduring miracles in Islam since it first sprang 5,000 years ago, the well is representative of God’s endless mercy.

The interview is a must-watch as they touch on the lack of trust for the constitutions and Dave’s humble life, among other topics.

Watch My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman now streaming on Netflix.

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