5 Courtesies Every Friend of a Smoker Could Show

*inhales, exhales*

2020 has caused many of us to light up more frequently than we’re used to. Some folks even began dabbling in the plant they once damned others for consuming. As the stigma around cannabis diminishes each day, more and more people are unapologetically seeking its therapeutic value. With social distancing making events more exclusive, more people are finding themselves in closer proximity with the herb. For those who still feel the smell is too bothersome but have found their close friend is chiefing nearly everyday, there are few guidelines you can follow to ensure you kill no vibes.

Keep your complaints to yourself

Judging, in general, is gross. Shaming someone for their choice to self-medicate is even more disgusting. Realize that every single person who smokes, although recreationally, is doing so for medicinal reasons. Whether it be anxiety, stress, or even an upset stomach, your friend is sparking up for a reason. To be a better one, instead of complaining about the number of times your friend has smoked for the day, try speaking to them about why they feel that way. If your friend doesn’t want to speak, respect that. The bottom line is, mind your business. And unless you’re offering more bud or a lighter, any negative remarks are unnecessary.

Stay Stocked With Snacks

Via @Cannaclusive

Okay, so maybe not a required courtesy, but who doesn’t love a thoughtful friend? By having a cabinet filled with your friend’s fave snacks or even a Snicker’s on hand, you’re showing them that not only do you look out, but you know them. If you have a pizza with rare chili oil on deck, you’ve won “Friend of the Year.” By having snacks alone, you’re giving your friend a treat they love in a time of need. Those moments are unforgettable.

Choose Spots That Are 420 Friendly

A wise man once said, “I spark up anywhere,” but for those friends not in the mood to live dangerously, try choosing places with a backyard or a smoker’s area. In legal states, you light up where you pull up, but in the lame cities like New York, you kind of want to smoke in a safe spot. The police are annoying and will arrest you if they feel like being themselves. Yelp reviews usually give you a good idea on the social setting of the spot you’re considering choosing. By having a pre-roll on deck, your friend may love you forever.

Peer Pressuring is Not Cool

Okay, we get it. Weed smells. It’s for potheads. We’ve heard it all before, especially by those who prefer a bottle over bud. Nothing wrong with being besties with Casamigos, until you belligerently try to get your canna-friend to throw back a few shots. To quote the woke white male cheerleader from Bring It On, “Uh uh, not cool.” MYOBeverage and respect that someone else has a different vice. Not everyone needs to drink to have a good time. If you meet someone who prefers spliffs over liqs, put your cup to their blunt and cheers the night! No need to shame anyone for not wanting a drink.

Just Be a Good Time

That’s it. If you don’t smoke, that’s fine, but no one likes a judgy Judy. Make sure the energy is always positive. Curating a playlist can help with that or having a good movie on queue. Many even enjoy painting as a creative outlet for the sativa selections. Laugh as the jokes roll in, take pulls if offered, say no if no, and just enjoy life. We only have one to live.

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