Serious About Being a Professional CannaChef? This AcCredited Certification Course Is Now Available

Thank you Green Leaf Staffing.

Folks, the time has come to either be about it or hush about it. If you were considering becoming a professional cannabis chef, this is your moment. To start the year right, classes kick off January 4th!

The Mitchell School of Business is now offering a slew of certification courses, including the Certified Cannabis Culinary Professional class led by Master Herbalist/Product Developer Keena Moffett. You may remember this published author from when she blessed us with her cookbook, Cannabis Creations: Beyond the Brownie filled with easy-to-execute infused treats. For those who want to build a business rather than bake a few casual desserts, she’s giving you certified gems that upon completion, will leave you with not one but two certificates of completion to add to your resume. Oh, and the Green Leaf Staffing team will also help land you a gig in the cannabiz.

via: Keena Moffett

The four-week mini-course provides a “comprehensive foundation for entering the edibles/culinary cannabis industry” with various modules covering the history of cannabis in food, food safety and handling, the math as it pertains to properly dosing, solubility, etc., infusion bases, and cannabis edibles in business. By the end, students will receive a ServSafe certificate for food safety- a requirement for any person serious about the food industry (not just cannabis) and of completion. The Green Leaf Staffing team will also work with you to help package you, to assist you in launching your cannacareer.

Led by Dr. Brenita Mitchell, the mission of the Mitchell School of Business is “to educate future leaders in the cannabis industry, and provide them with a pathway to build generational wealth.” What better way to kickstart your career than with a highly interactive, self-paced course with insight from a woman who’s been through it all. (Seriously, Ms. Keena has a patent pending for her canna-pasta.) Anyone can learn how to make an apple pie that gets you high; it’s different when you are intentional and technical.

Greenleaf and the Mitchell School of Business also offer certifications for the aspiring grower/horticulturist, cannabis sales professional, budtender, or cannabis business owner. According to their site, “unlike other online programs, we offer Nationwide Dispensary Field Trips, Study-Abroad Opportunities, and Hands-on, State-specific Training.” After you complete this course or others, you’ll still have unlimited access to resources, connections, and the ability to speak to instructors or classmates through the New Student WhatsApp group.

via Mitchell School of Business

Courses are offered online, as well as hybrid which combine online and in-classroom experience. Visit the MSB to learn more. The best part, these certifications have nationwide recognition. So the certification you received while in NY will be as valuable when you move to Oregon to open your storefront.

Although classes begin January 4th, you can register at any time to start on the following Monday. Don’t sleep! We don’t know how long this deal is running for. Feel free to email for any questions about enrollment for this course or register here. Payment plan options are also available, so please inquire within.

202Won! Let’s get it!

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