Want to Make Your Own Edibles At Home? Herbalist Keena Moffett Has a Whole Cookbook Out to Teach You How

And if you have a Kindle, it’s for the free. Ain’t Black women AMAZING?

From making your own cannabutter to being fully-baked from some extra gooey chocolate chip cookies, Canna-chef and founder of alternative and holistic health service Sovereign Harvest, Keena Moffett shared her secrets in a cute 28-page cooked book available to follow along on your iPad, iPhone, or device of your choosing. The good sis made it very simple for us all, including deliciously sharp images of what your creation should look like.

Infused-Chocolate Pecan Pie

If you’re not the best in the kitchen, you should probably enlist your best baker bud cause nothing is more heartbreaking than wasted weed. You ever try to roll up outside on a breezy day? Proceed with that caution.

This published author wasn’t always an edibles fan, not even a weed one.

Keena Moffett with feets on necks! That glow>>>>

Growing up in Chicago, Keeena had no personal relationship with cannabis. Like many others, the now-certified herbalist believed weed was yuck and anyone who smoked it had nothing better to do in life. “I’m a person who didn’t even try nothin’,” Keena laughingly confessed during an interview via Zoom. “I haven’t even tried a cigarette in my whole life, so for me, all drugs were bad. I didn’t ever consider anything—” for a personal reason. Seeing the effects of harmful drugs like cocaine had on a person as a child, Keena naturally developed an innate calling to heal people through any one of her talents. She just didn’t know how. Until her son randomly dropped the literal million-dollar answer on her lap.

One day, my son came up to me like ‘My friend is smoking weed, momma.’ and I said ‘What? She’s smoking it?’

You see, her son’s childhood friend, who was suffering from a rare form of cancer. Understanding how intrusive a method like inhalation could be on a child, Keena cranked up the creativity to figure out a less abrasive way of tackling the disease.

Cannabutter by Keena Moffett- Sis is also a photographer.
Gummy Bears by Keena Moffett- Sis is also a photographer.

The first seed was planted, thanks to her son.

Fascinated and epistemically inquisitive, Keena hit the books, did her Googles, and even phoned a few friends to find out how exactly marijuana worked and how she could use it to heal others.

It’s not about me using to believe it.

Photo By Keena “I Vertically Integrate” Moffett

Keena shares with Canna Culture Connect about how her all-natural and organic B2B canna-bakedery, whose top two clients were Amazon and Whole Foods, eventually led her into the cannabis space. Despite big brands being ’bout them big checks, the financial runway needed to even coast that venture forced Keena to leave the commercial space to pursue a route less overwhelming. As great as it is to have a known name behind you, ain’t nobody trying to be the accountant, the marketer, the customer service, the shipper, the baker, the packager, the friend, and the secretary, chile. Those 18-hour workdays had to go!

The reigning Cake Box Queen of the suburbs of Georgia, Keena married her craft of creating delicious pastries with various canna-base recipes to create supherbly tasty treats you don’t have to break your bank to buy otherwise. People be bugging out these days with the prices!

Her self-published work Cannabis Creations: Beyond the Brownie is a collection of 15 step-by-step recipes guiding you on how to bake your own very mari treats. And she wrote, designed, and took the photography for the book while at her full-time, non-cannabis job, teaching herself dosing and conversions during her bookkeeping breaks. So now you have to cop a copy.

Aside from the treats being highly delicious and easy to make, Keena has helped countless clients self-medicate from any number of ailments one cookie at a time– including herself.

And we are so thankful!

And we thank baby Jesus she’s pursuing it! ‘Cause the way those goodies ’bout to slap as you preheat your oven to 425. I’m trying to tell you!

The e-book walks you through the basics, teaching you to infuse cannabis with butter, oil milk, and honey. Once you grasp that, you’re basically set to create your own. However, you should follow the recipes which offer exact THC approximations. What’s worse than an edi too strong? A weak one.

Among her baked blueprints are the cooking directions for Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce, Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Caramel Apples, Chocolate Lava Cake, Gummy Snacks, White Chocolate Chip Blondies, and y’all will have to get the book to see the rest ’cause now I’m hungry.

Her biggest hit: Always the brownie which had six variations, even before she started sprinkling likkle weeds in the batter.

You should too.

Keep up with Keena’s personal social where she dines and flash(es) images of the WERK she’s putting in, her cannabis cooking show The Antidote (season two soon come), and her consult page offering holistic alternatives, like this very sexy tincture for anxiety relief.

Can we also give a round of applause for Keena building her own backyard greenhouse? Closed mouths don’t get fed on that boulevard! Any questions, feel free to DM her! Keena will insist that she’s just a home-cook, but her website, online course and many very happy clients show otherwise.

Not sure what to throw down first? Let this vid of Keena showing us how to bake an infused Cheeescake Pie, feed you all the inspiration.

Keena Moffett in the kitchen cooking up some delicious edibles on her YouTube series, The Antidote.

PS, if you want this canna creative chef to consult you or your team on curating an elaborate infused-menu, hit her up!


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