Lowkey Mar’s New Single “No Zaza” Puts Blockwork Budmen on Blast

“If the pack over 65, it better be fire.”

Comedian Lowkey Mar hit the stu again to debut his new track and it is too relatable.

“Blood sold me an eighth for $85. You know I checked the bag, the s–t was not no za. I don’t know who look dumb, you or I. Better stop trying to finesse, before n—s send you up to God.” It’s safe to say, people from NY do not play with their bud, as we shouldn’t.

For Brooklyn, weed has seen quite the glow up from my first spliff in the 6th grade. Gone are the days where you can cop a nick that comes in an aluminum foil, and it may or may not have seeds in it. Now that we know those stank steeds were male buds and not all strains were created equal, pushers reserve the right to sell cannabis based on what they believe their business is worth. For many New Yorkers, it’s a risk to get that good zaza, and it’s reflected in the price of that pack.

Just ’cause it’s pricy, don’t mean it’s good. “If the pack over 65, it better be fire,” Lowkey says, and we high-key agree. This isn’t the first time the self-proclaimed Grabba Gawd dropped ganja gems. Mar’s previous single “It’s the Grabba” not only makes you smile as you think of the legendary X, but the lyrics are so true. The spliff don’t slap the same without the grabba. It doesn’t stop at the songs; his skits hit too.

That’s a funny dude right there. Stream No ZaZa on Apple Music or Tidal – or both! Get my son’s streams up. And remember: Know your zaza, so no one can play you when it comes to it.

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