BBillions Releases New Album & Talks Sadderday for Hopeless Romantics

Sadderday just got a little less lonely. (Or more, depending on how you look at it.)

Have you ever seen people tweeting about solo Sadderday stay-in plans? Or maybe you’ve seen a celeb rocking a sad face-emoji T-shirt? The call for sadness solidarity came from a hopeless romantic born and bred in Brooklyn, so you see where his dilemma started.

Sadderday founder, BBillions, recently released visuals for Love Die, the first single off of his new album called “Sad Pitt,” and the man’s doing push-ups in jeans for all the other folks out there who knows how it feels when the relationship’s over. It’s a pretty lonely video, yet honest as Bills melodically raps about understanding how it feels when his significant other plays the same games he does. Lyrics like, “If you doing to me what I do to you, I can’t handle that,” is the type of transparency you can expect to relate to when it comes to his brand. However, Sadderday wasn’t always for the people who make reservations for one. (That’s the name of his podcast, btw.)

Back in 2013, the popular hashtag started as an unintentional mental wellness brand. Bills tells Canna Culture Connect, “It was a turning point in my life where I felt like I was alone. I felt kind of weak, and

I felt like, I had to hide that because as a man, especially as a Black man in our community, if you show any sign of weakness. It’s frowned upon to feel like you’re sad, so I couldn’t tell anybody about it.


Instead, he went on social media. “I just started saying I was sad,” he says, “and people took it as a joke.” Eventually, it became one of the first brands to openly speak about mental health.

Since then, things have drastically changed, so his brand followed suit. “I kind of felt like people started playing off people’s mental health awareness, like [they] were selling ‘mental health awareness’ and it kind of didn’t sit right. I kind of questioned if that’s what I was doing and took a step back from that.” 

These days, the Sadderday brand is more for the love-chasers still looking for their soulmate, and this recent album has a track for everyone. Bandit, for the romantic ready to steal someone’s heart. Halftime, for the dreamer who spends hours on end thinking of that special someone, and Let Me Know, for those who just want a damn answer already. One of the album’s producers, rapper Packarillo, also hit the booth for a track for all those left changed by love. 

No drinking away the sadness for Bills, or sparking up, for at least 6 months. The artist is taking a little post-quarantine vice break to prepare for the summer, but he will be lighting up Gorilla Glue or Wedding Cake as soon as June hits. Whether or not he’ll last, he’s going by how he feels, and says others should also follow their heart.

“Live your truth. If you sad, just fucking be sad for a day. You don’t got to hide inside [or mope] around 24/7, but if you fucking sad, it’s alright. It’s a human emotion. And if you [do] want to get married, you got to speak your truth into existence, [all day.]

You heard the man! Find a shirt that shares your sadness here. Check out ‘Love Die,’ directed by Aye! Ellis below!

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