Issa + Molly’s Kushy Yoga Sesh on the “Insecure” S4 Premiere is a Mood

Stress is real, which is why before we get into the premiere, I first must insist that we all designate a day for self-care.


What does this mean for Issa and Molly? First, you have to have a bomb soundtrack on queue, as the show always does. For their Self-Care Sunday, they chose to relax to Mereba‘s album. Also, you’ll need some candles, a few warm towels to open up those pores, a Yoga mat to comfortably channel good energies, and of course, some good herb– pre-rolled to perfection.


Not only does it make you feel good, but it saves the dairy-free bitch who tries to cut you at the grocery store. With bud, negative emotions no longer serve you. I’m happy Issa and Molly stuck with totin’ too.


Okay. Let’s get into it. WARNING: SPOILERS!

Judging by the immense tension between Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) during the end of the season four premiere of Insecure, it seems like we all may need to puff on a j and do a little stretching to relax our tense selves cause ‘lawd, the drama is building honey.

Aside from the hilarious hookup with TSA bae, imagining an ass-nekked Lawrence (Jay Ellis) taking down Condola (Christina Elmore) everywhere, and everyone wondering, “How Tiffany (Amanda Seales) still pregnant?” it seems like besties Issa and Molly are at the point in their lives where paths begin to diverge. And if your gut doesn’t tell you this season won’t end all kumbaya, then Issa saying in the opening, “Honestly, I don’t f–k with Molly anymore,” in the first few minutes should be a dead giveaway. Issa, now done with sexy ass Nathan (Kendrick Simpson) ’cause he ghosted her, is presently focused on looking good with an outfit she’d keep the tag on so she can return it later. The event she is hosting is kind of a big deal.

Her block party is four months away and for a while, she and Condola have been up on their shit, sending invites and getting the planning done. Their flow is great, until Tiffany points out the elephant in the room bigger than her tummy, revealing that Condola’s next is actually Issa’s ex—of five years. FIVE YEARS! That ain’t no baby relationship. That was practically a marriage which explains why Issa is her outwardly awkward self even throughout the majority of the event.

Meanwhile, although a bawse, Molly’s love life has been shaky since the shows’ inception. She’s insisting this fling with Andrew (Alexander Hodge) is just that– a casual fling. While out together, Molly is shocked to learn that Andrew is seeing other people which he’s confused by because he assumed she was doing the same thing. Later on at the mixer, Molly directs Andrew to exit her life stage left, a move that Issa doesn’t agree with. It’s obvious that Molly is really into Andrew and for these past few seasons, Molly hasn’t necessarily had the best track record with men. Issa knows this and convinces her good sis give Andrew another shot, something Molly considers but not before telling Issa about herself. “You know, your life doesn’t have to be messy.”


(Oh, look at the kettle.) Molly can’t believe that although Issa knows that Condola is with Lawrence, she’s still trying to be all buddy buddy with her. (Growth, Molly. Heard of it?) Before the episodes end, Molly apologizes to Andrew and awaits a response. Issa takes pride in having stepped up to raise funds, and Lawrence is still busting Condola’s yeeks.

How did Molly and Issa go from sharing a spliff to having a split? We’ll have to keep watching to find out. In the meantime, let’s take a page out of their “Self-Care Sundays,” roll a ting, downward dog, and don’t burn your yoga mat.

New episodes of Insecure air on HBO, Sundays at 10/9c! Check out the preview for episode 2 below.

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