We Does This: Canna-Creatives Shouldn’t Feel Pressured to Show Out for 4/20

It could just be me, but whenever 4/20 rolls around, everyone is a smoker– or at least uses social media to convince followers they are. As an avid consumer, I say… I love it! (C’mon, I’m no hater.) Representation matters! Roll a ting, crush a ting, but don’t share spliffs. The rona is on a rampage.

However, remember the current fight.

Whether edibles, a tincture, or a shotty for the spirit, people everywhere are celebrating the “cool aspects” of cannabis that many people had to– and continue to– sacrifice their lives for. So if you’re a creative in the cannabis space, don’t feel pressured to post grams of ganja to prove to people with baby lungs that you get down. Since the 1970s, the US government has been oppressing, punishing, and marginalizing people of color for their cannabis use. GOAT Jay Z and artist Molly Crabapple depicts the devastating impact this has had in black and brown communities in this powerful video below.

Those of us who’ve been to lobby, written a local member of congress, signed a petition, attended an event– know full-well the battle we’re up against. It’s exhausting. Seriously, how many times do we need to stress that these “drugs,” are healing the most serious of ailments while saving the most endangered lives.

The battle is tough and we’ve been fighting, not just on 4/20. So if you want to spark up an ounce on live, iStan. Feel like posting every meme you chuckle at in-between pulls, iLike! Don’t feel like posting shit? I’m with you!

This is your day, you committed consumer. You celebrate how you please!

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