Meet Nickson Toussaint: The Devoted Dad Sharing His DIY Canna-Cream Recipe Used to Cure His Son’s Eczema

“Do I want to be a criminal or do I want to help my kids?

Nickson Toussaint

When Melinda and Nickson Toussaint welcomed their second child Micah into the world, these proud parents’ joy was immediately multiplied by two. Their daughter Aleena now has a beautiful baby brother! So when baby Micah started developing irritating skin rashes on his little body, Nickson began on a mission that would impact their family forever. Through sheer love and dedication, Nickson eventually found a way to heal Micah’s pain for the rest of his life.

Nickson and Micah
Instagram: @NewYorkNickson

But before we share all the secrets, let’s understand the severity of the issue.

Extreme Eczema Irritation

For those who are unfamiliar, eczema is “an inflammatory condition of the skin characterized by redness, itching, and oozing vesicular lesions which become scaly, crusted, or hardened,” according to the ever-knowing Webster. If you’ve ever suffered from this often times chronic condition, then you’d know that not only is the discomfort constant, but debilitating in more ways than one. Aside from the periods of scratching your skin ’til it bleeds in the hopes of finding a second of peace, the discoloration influences the way you dress and live. It could be embarrassing. However, it is treatable. And this poppa was going to find a way by any means necessary, even if it meant doing something “illegal.”

Typically when diagnosed with eczema, a doctor or dermatologist would prescribe a type of hydrocortisone cream with addicting effects. Some doctors even recommend “bleach baths,” where the child is to soak in a set concentration of bleach to reduce inflammation. The potential risks aren’t worth it. Understanding this and not particularly persuaded by Micah’s pediatrician who suggested a steroid option, Nickson began doing his Googles.

Micah, 2014

The then-hospitality professional learned that CBD oil is a noted powerful agent in battling a variety of ailments and sicknesses. He applied it to young Micah which worked for a little bit but upon further research, Nick explored the difference between cannabis oil and CBD oil. He was impressed with a wealth of information and confused as to why the government would want to hide it. He immediately posed in his mind, “Why would I be allowed to have access to the non-psychoactive [CBD], the one that does things on the surface, and not have access to things that fix the problem?”

It’s worth noting that at that time, Nickson hadn’t even tried a spliff let alone knew what cannabis oil really was. Marijuana had not been legal in his state of residence, and up until that point, he only knew of the negative stigmas attached to the plant. Desperate and devoted, Nickson recalled a point where he felt he had to decide if he’d want to risk being a felon in order to help his kids, when contemplating whether to take a more holistic route for his son’s treatment.

A video he’d recently watched about Rick Simpson‘s incredible journey came to mind, where the pioneer helped many people cure cancer, diabetes, ulcers– you name it through Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO.) Still determined to add eczema to that list, Nickson’s next hurdle was calculating, “How do you get cannabis oil reduced to an amount of THC that is tolerable for kids? “

By combining the cannabis oil with coconut oil, Nickson saw that in five days, Micah’s skin was clear and unbothered. Not five days a week– just five days, once– in 2016. The raw oil has upwards to 800 mg of THC.

As a parent, you have three effective and safe options to create an eczema topical, according to Nickson.

Happy baby Micah.

Nicky T’s CBD-Cream For Eczema

Combine 500 mg of a full-spectrum CBD oil with 1/2 a cup of fractionated coconut oil. This will treat the inflammation and keep it calm but may need to be reapplied often. Shelf life is 3-6 months. Avoid refrigeration to prevent hardening.

2-Step Canna-Cream for Eczema Using THC

For kids: You want to reduce the potency of the THC. Cannabis oil is usually packaged in a 1 mL syringe. Use an entire syringe to mix with a cup of fractionated coconut oil. Shelf life lasts 3-6 months. Use metric conversions if you want to create smaller doses.

Canna-Cream Recipe for No Access Folks

If you’re living in a state that does not have access to legal cannabis oil, get about a quarter to a half an ounce of weed from your local budman. Place it in foil. You can break it up if you want, somewhere between fine and granular. Set your oven at 220°F and put it in for 15-20 mins. Once you finish the decarboxylation process, take it out and mix it into your carrier oil- your coconut oil, olive oil, or grape-seed oil. Please note: Coconut oil is the most fat-absorbing and probably the best option. Once mixed, it will turn into a brownish-gold color. Agitate it in a mason jar and keep it in a cool dark place for 4-5 days. Strain it- you don’t want to invite germs and bacteria. Keep it stored in a safe place. This cream can live this way for 1-2 months.

A Parent’s Passion Provides a Cure

To be a phenomenal parent, you reach points when you have to make certain decisions. “Do I want to be a criminal?” by seeking a proven holistic treatment not federally approved? Or “Do I want to help my kid and go broke doing it?” Marijuana is not cheap, especially to upkeep with elixirs. Per treatment, you need the funds to purchase tons of marijuana. Some people consider growing themselves, others unfortunately retreat back to Big Pharma. It’s not a simple choice, but for Nickson, it was the only choice. And it cured.

Fast-forward to today, Nickson continues to help other patients full-time. His better half, Nurse Practitioner and Wellness Consultant Melinda Toussaint, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC co-founded MariCare Wellness in Maryland which provides medical marijuana consults for qualified individuals facing a wide array of afflictions. Since beginning her practice in 2018, Melinda along with the MariCare team has helped hundreds of patients through the power of cannabis. Their proudest success story: Micah.

Melinda, Aleena, Nickson, and Micah.

Check out this video below of Rick Simpson Oil and its claimed use to helping cure ailments.

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