Vibe Out to this Sativa Sexy Playlist as You Get to Know Potluck Crew’s Megan the Mogul

Before there was the stallion, there was the mogul, and for the past four years this Meg has been connecting individuals, flipping brands, and providing support in the namesake of community. Before we jump into the playlist she so graciously curated for SmkBrks Vol. 52, get familiar with Megan– and her awesome hair.

Instagram: @MeganTheMogul

During a link-up via Zoom since we’re all “on pause” n’ all, the wonder woman also known as Megan the Mogul sets the halcyon tone of the meeting, emitting nothing but great vibes and dope energy through my iPad. Although not yet a master of setting a background on the video conferencing app, Megan has learned more than few beneficial tips and tricks for navigating the cannabis industry. Before creating her women-first canna-club, Potluck Crew, Megan was born with a business mind.

Right after college, the natural A&R realized her knack for promoting artists and sharpened her talents by taking courses in public relations. You never know what you like ’til you hate it, and for Megan, artist and repertoire was not it. However, connecting with the community was, and one way or another, she was going to create a unique space.

Professionally, Megan worked in the non-profit sector primarily with kids, where she served as Director of Community Engagement in Bed-Stuy. Through that role, Meg raised money for seniors and coordinated youth programs- both where her passions lie. Separate to that, a partnership formed between her and Haters Ball Show and The Colton Show host, Colton, and the two of them collaborated on amazing givebacks for the yute dem– and some fun content for the grown folks, too.

Megan and Colton hosting a Field Day in Bed Stuy Brooklyn

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 crisis, Megan has recently lost her job. Although temporarily down, Meg is not out.

Through her event management venture, Business With Mo, Meg helps entrepreneurs get to that bag through hosting appropriately-themed events geared towards building community. Business With Mo also hosts microworkshops covering small business financing, strategic social media marketing, and creating an effective business plan, among other skills.

“We do have a platform where we help smaller businesses become bigger…”

Megan the Mogul
Megan hosting a small business pop up.

Amazing, right? Just as inspiring as the work she continues to do with her canna-club Potluck Crew. Her journey in the cannabis industry hasn’t always been an easy one. Like many other women, early on Meg noticed that the circles were male-dominated and lacking in Adobo. Quite bland. Meg threw events and consumed, just never did the two together until she collaborated with a gentleman from D.C. Although the turnout was solid, Megan disagreed with how women were treated. In 2016, the scene was more underground, and through market research, Megan wasn’t feeling her findings.

Where the ladies at?

Meg the Mogul

Beyoncé would like to know, as well. From a “slapping cheeks” contest to bare degradation, Megan’s mission immediately shifted to highlighting women-first, people of color, and– the men who respect women are cool, too.

Originally, events were word of mouth and password protected. Now, you can subscribe for a membership and get access to event information, a monthly raffle submission for a chance to win some really dope gifts, and VIP treatment at different events.

The Potluck Crew isn’t necessarily “only for women,” although ladies showed out for their Sativa Sexy event, which inspired this awesome playlist, just in time to help these quarantined days go by.

From Ari Lennox feat Cozz on Backseat to the smooth sounds of H.E.R. Every Kind of Way, Meg sure knows how to pick ’em, not just for a sesh, but for celebrating women and their individual definitions of sexy. Women-owned Smkbrk Co’s whose aim is to normalize judgment-free convos around weed, allowed Meg to curate this playlist with tracks dedicated to all those enamored with cannabis, freedom of sexuality + education. Killer vibes set the framework for Volume 52.

SmkBrk’s Sativa Sexy Vol 52

Sativa Sexy is a women empowerment event for women to channel their sexiest selves. Don’t worry. It’s an extremely safe environment, not just from creeps but from haters as well. Everyone is celebrated.

All events, no matter how raunchy, revolve around three pillars: education, economics and entertainment. So best believe that when a dominatrix named Venus left, members not only learned choking techniques, they knew how to properly clamp a nip, okurr? Sex and cannabis; beautiful ain’t it?

But wait, they do more.

Their appetizing Munchies Crawl 2019 featured black-owned businesses but annually, the theme varies. Participants receive goodie bags, discounts at destinations, and just good people to fellow-sesh with.

Potluck is more than a crew, it’s an experience.

It’s important to see our faces involved in cannabis.

Megan the Mogul

Potluck Crew is officially trademarked so lookout L.A, Meg is coming for ya, and eventually everywhere else.

SmkBrk’s The Sativa Sexy Playlist is now available on Apple and Spotify. Spark up, enjoy, and follow Potluck Crew on Instagram and Twitter for updates on their events.


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