5 Tips to Help Weed Smokers Save A Little Coin

‘Cause it can get real ‘spensive.

Sparking up is all fun and games until you check your monthly bank statement. Between dispensary purchases, ATM withdrawals, and debit-swipes for necessary accessories, all of that money you spend to make sure you can enjoy your joint adds up. An eighth for something good runs $35 – $45 at a dispensary. If you live in a black market area like Brooklyn, high-grade goes for as high as $90 for a 3.5. Das bread! Not to worry. The first step is realizing there’s a problem, and if you’re reading this, then you’re already taking steps towards the solution.

Budget your Bud

If you find yourself buying more weed than you usually do, budgeting is key. For the accessories like roll-up, consider buying in bulk on Amazon, so you’re not going through 33 papers of Bob, dropping $2 every 4 days. If you know you love designer strains but make blockwork bank, try setting up a “Weed Fund,” that you only draw out of when you’re ready to cop. Start by being purposeful in the type of strain you want to smoke, then finding a quality dealer with reasonable prices. This may take research and asking around your hood, but investing in yourself is far more important. If you love what your guy has, you might want to check tip two.

Buy Higher Quantities

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I spend more when I’m looking to spend less?” The answer is simple: deals! Most dispensaries do discounts on flower, so you’d want to take advantage of that. Depending on your budman, buying more may mean knocking off a few bucks. As crazy it as it sounds, people tend to roll up less over longer periods when purchasing a quarter rather than an eighth, for example.

Set Up a Spark Up Schedule

Once you purchase your pack, set up a schedule for when you smoke. It you feel like you’ve been rolling up way more than you usually do, designate certain times during the day to light up. Before bedtime, twice a day – whatever you feel most comfortable with. Like with any schedule, consistency is key in not only forming new habits, but showing up, and in this case, it’s for yourself. Be strict with yourself, and remember your goal: To save money. There are other ways to manage whenever you feel the urge to pull out your crusher.

Find Alternate Ways to Manage Stress

Life’s stresses come quickly. To deal with the anxiety, many of us take extra pulls to keep up. It’s the go-to method for a lot of canna-consumers but not always the most effective one. Sometimes the weed you’re smoking could be reason you’re rolling up more than you’re used to. Increased heart rate for example is a consequence of not knowing your strain and what it does. In moments such as those, meditation is peaceful and therapy is always a great option. Try going for walks in periods of high stress or taking up a hobby.

Grow Your Own

Growing your own not only makes for an amazing hobby, but you don’t need to buy weed from anyone once your plants have matured. These days, there are tons of Youtubes, courses, and tutorials on ways to grow your on weed at home. By doing it this way, you have control on that exact strain you want (not just what your guy has), you tend to your plants personally, have control of the products used, grow as much as you want, and never have to feel bad if you do decide to wake and bake.

Smoke the weeds. Don’t let the weeds smoke you. Happy seshes!

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