Your Help Is Needed In Getting The Clean Slate Act Passed

We only have until June 10th to make this happen!

Democratic lawmakers and advocates are pushing for a Clean Slate, the Senate bill relating to the expungement of certain convictions. Your help is needed in getting this bill over the finish line.

Under this legislation, a new process will be created which would automatically seal then later expunge a conviction record once the person has done their time. This is kind of a big deal. If passed, a person with a misdemeanor would need to wait five years before getting their record cleared and seven if it’s a felony. This means that newly released marijuana offenders could apply for housing, jobs, and get back on their feet a lot quicker than how the process stands now.

In New York, this would affect the 2.3. million people who are facing obstacles finding employment, education, and seeking any form of self-betterment. The current application-based record clearing process has proven to be ineffective. The bill formerly known as S.1553A (Myrie) / A.6399 (Cruz) would allow for citizens to rejoin the community, ending perpetual punishment that’s been keeping Black and brown folks down for decades. You can read about the full bill here.

So, what can you do?

Call local legislators.

Below is a script from the Center of Community Alternatives, Inc. you could use to call you local lawmakers. Their names are Cook, Perry, Fahy, Lavine, Abinanti, O’Donnell, Cymbrowitz, Weprin, Vanel, Dinowitz E., Hunter, Ramos , Solages, Colton, Nolan, Aubry, Rivera, Weinstein, Peoples-Stokes , Savino, Kennedy, Neil D., Shelley B., Harckham, Parker, Krueger, Thomas ,Skoufis ,Liu, and Stavisky. Google is your best friend to find out the best one for you.

Sample Phone Script

Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins


Assembly Speaker Heastie


My name is ________________________from __________________ I’m calling today to urge [insert legislators name]  to make the Clean Slate Act (S.1553a/A.6399) a priority to being passed this session. The Clean Slate Act would end the perpetual punishment of New Yorkers with a conviction record. From employment to housing, to higher education, a conviction record can cause a lifetime of blocked opportunity. Records clearance offers a critical opportunity to change this and will enable people to stabilize their lives in this new post-Covid economy. New York has a long history of enacting important reform to support full participation in the life and economy of this state. We must continue this tradition. I urge you as leadership to make sure the legislature passes this critical legislation before the end of the session. Thank You!

Join the Town Hall

RSVP here to join the Town Hall, Tuesday June 1st. Info below.


June 2nd: Clean Slate Selfie Day

On June 2nd, post a selfie for Clean Slate! Here’s the social media toolkit which explains how. Please share with everyone you know to post on June 2nd. This way, Assembly Speaker Heastie & Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins’ socials will be flooded with photo messages of New Yorkers across the state calling for the passage of Clean Slate.

 June 3rd: Link Up pon Foley Square at Centre & Duane Street

On June 3rd at 11am, link up at Foley Square in the city for a rally, with others happening statewide in Buffalo, Rochester, Long Island and Albany. This will be the FINAL in person actions! RSVP here to join in. Locations listed on the flier below.

Stay On Their Body

Keep calling, emailing and tweeting New York legislators about Clean Slate. Please use & share this Phone2Action to contact your representatives and use this guide to call the two leaders

We can do this y’all! Let’s mobilize!

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